The International Society of Data Scientists is honored to announce the Honored Professorships of the year. The individuals were found to have contributed significantly to the community of Data Science and AI in research, teaching, outreach, services, and activism. The Honored Professorships are equivalent to the individuals' rank or seniority in their academic or industry positions. The recognized individuals should be able to use the honored title where it fits.

The International Society of Data Scientists is pleased to announce the selected individual for the title "The Most Influential Young Data Scientist of the Year 2020",  Abhishek Kumar Annamraju, from India. Abhishek is a Computer Vision and Deep Learning researcher, with interests in the fields of computational neuroscience and neuroplasticity. He was introduced to these areas during his engineering at Bits Pilani University. Since then he has worked on multiple subdomains of data science discipline, published researches in journals such as IET, AIVP, etc, and contributed to opensource community.

The Competition Committee finished grading for the competition submissions of the Second International Competition in Data Science & AI. Twenty three universities worldwide registered their teams in the competition. We are pleased to announce the final result.

We are pleased to cordially invite junior Data Scientists to attend the Second International Data Science Competition (a.k.a the Annual Olympia Datathon), from August 15 to Dec 1, 2020, organized by The International Society of Data Scientists and Scriptedin Corporation. The competition is to create a playground for young Data Scientists to grow skills, knowledge, experience, and collaboration for their career path.

The International Society of Data Scientists is pleased to announce the selected individual for the title "The Most Influential Young Data Scientist of the Year 2019", Akshay Bahadur, from Symantec in India. Success only follows ones who make a true approach to get it. We wish Akshay all the best for his future and congratulate him for this achievement.  

The International Society of Data Scientists is calling for project submissions from young Data Scientists. Participants may be in the range from grades 7-12, undergraduate and graduate students. Submissions are reports for projects that have been pursued in courses, training, and camps. Projects may be team-based or individual-based. Participants should be able to provide evidence that the projects were supervised, or graded by their instructors.

The International Society of Data Scientists (ISODS) is pleased to announce the result of 2019 Nomination for Leaders in Data Science & AI.

In this talk, Dr. Kou implements the electric load prediction in the Bigquery ML cloud platform as well as compares its performance with the linear regression model in python scikit-learn. The talk is streamed on Youtube (9PM New York time, Jan 18, 2020). Dr. Wei Kou received a Ph.D. degree in Electrical and Computer Science Engineering from the University of Connecticut in 2018. Her research interests include cloud-based machine learning, game theory, distributed optimization and the related application on power grids and energy networks.

Starting November 2019, The International Society of Data Scientists invites speakers to give talks in online seminars, in collaboration with DataAI@SG Data Science Facebook group, and Data Innovation Lab (IUH). The first talk was held live on Zoom. The topic is "The two cultures: Retrospects and prospects", by Dr. Son P. Nguyen, University of Economics and Law, VNU-HCM. Dr. Son P. Nguyen holds a Ph.D degree in Mathematics from Wayne State University.

During this conference week, we accept project submissions from students, in order to encourage learning Data Science in students at the university as well as high school levels. The best selected student project is "School Bus Routing for Optimization of Cost and Coverage" by Sachchit Kunichetty, from Fairfield Ludlowe High School, in Fairfield, CT, USA. Sachchit has developed a Java-based application to optimize school bus routing. The work was supervised by Mr. Robert Benjamin, and evaluated by an independent study board of Fairfield Ludlowe High School.

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