Inaugural International Data Science Competition Leaderboard Ranking Featured

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The Inaugural International Data Science Competition has just finished! The Competition Committee thanks all the teams and their advisors for participation. Twenty-seven teams across multiple universities have actively competed from March 15 to June 1. The final leaderboard ranking is as follows.



Teams Scores
tri2820 0.999909
TonyLit 0.999909
Overifit 0.986043
NiceGuys 0.986043
Leik 0.659825
DUY 0.659004
dvtoan 0.65873
FC-PM 0.657453
chauhuynh 0.655446
KeepLearning 0.655172
teamSGU 0.654899
TruongCamLuan 0.654078
mika17 0.652892
nan 0.652801
Linear Regression Only 0.652162
DirtyBrains 0.652071
TruongGiang 0.65198
QViet 0.651341
thienhuu 0.651067
*.mti 0.647145
TLuan 0.644773
Hoang016 0.644225
haluha1 0.644043
hothanhhuy1098 0.644043
dieulamhy 0.644043
AKIRA2211 0.642857
TEAM 0.621237


The final ranking for the awards is however based on the private test dataset. The Competition Committee is working on running tests via prediction code uploaded by teams. We will announce the final result once it is available.

In the meantime, participating teams need to follow the instructions posted at

to follow all the requirements and submit necessary materials to the Committee.

** The committee has received several articles. Please see an example ( for expected articles 




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