Top Voice in Data Science & AI of the Year 2020 selected by ISODS Featured

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We at the International Society of Data Scientists are very pleased to announce the selected individual for the title "Top Voice in Data Science & AI of the Year 2020", T. Scott Clendaniel. The individual is selected from a very competitive list of individuals in the field of Data Science & AI.

T. Scott Clendaniel has been a pioneer and leader in Data Science and Artificial Intelligence since his career began in 1986. Scott’s employers/ clients have included Ameritrade, Biogen, Booz Allen, Bristol-Myers Squibb, FDIC, Mercedes, Morgan Stanley, The Los Angeles Times and a host of other marquee names. He sits on several boards of directors and is constantly mentoring the next generation. Additionally, he has been a guest lecturer at both Johns Hopkins University and the University of Maryland.

His specialties include strategic planning for analytics, feature engineering, development and deployment of machine learning models, along with training and C-level communications. He earned Citicorp’s Service Excellence Award and the John Reese Memorial award from Wunderman. Scott keeps up-to-date with his 41k LinkedIn followers and 21k Twitter followers on a daily basis, constantly focusing on sharing cutting-edge techniques to amateurs and experts alike.

He has been a guest at over a dozen conferences and webinars, including the Annual International Conference in Data Science & AI with ISODS.

A partial skills inventory includes:

• Apache Spark
• Artificial intelligence (AI)
• AWS and SageMaker
• Data mining & Data science
• Deep learning & neural networks
• Leadership and management
• Machine learning
• Python and R
• Reinforcement Learning
• SQL and NoSQL queries
• Statistics
• Structured and unstructured data
• Tableau
• TensorFlow

He can be reached at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or (443) 810-8066.

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