The Most Influential Young Data Scientist of the Year 2020 Featured

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The International Society of Data Scientists is pleased to announce the selected individual for the title "The Most Influential Young Data Scientist of the Year 2020",  Abhishek Kumar Annamraju, from India. Abhishek is a Computer Vision and Deep Learning researcher, with interests in the fields of computational neuroscience and neuroplasticity. He was introduced to these areas during his engineering at Bits Pilani University. Since then he has worked on multiple subdomains of data science discipline, published researches in journals such as IET, AIVP, etc, and contributed to opensource community.

Abhishek 's latest contribution being his year-long pet-project named "Monk deep learning toolkit", a set of low code computer vision libraries that help ease up the process of developing and deploying deep learning models. It has more than 5000 downloads and 1000 stars on github; and is being used by researchers, students, and developers across the world. It is developed in association with Tessellate Imaging, a startup he co-founded. This startup led by Abhishek and his co-founders has successfully served more deep tech clients across the world, and has won many awards for being one of the pioneers in the computer vision specialty. He currently works at Flutura Decision Sciences and Analytics as Associate Product Manager.

He is a Google Summer of Code Scholar, with past research on the lines of

  • image-based monitoring solutions to curb illegal sand mining,
  • on-road real-time object detection for autonomous vehicles,
  • 3D facial model generation and classification,
  • face recognition,
  • camera auto-calibration for fisheye images.

An avid reader; he contributed to online courses and tutorials in the computer vision area, for beginners and experts alike, in various specialties such as agriculture, medical imaging, satellite imaging, wildlife, healthcare, security and surveillance, retail, Adas, etc. Most recent one being a set of more than 150+ end-to-end real-world applications, details of which can be found here - and here -

His aspirations include

  • democratizing AI technologies,
  • bringing innovating and creative thinking in the education space
  • making deep-tech available to the most remote corners of India.

He is at present working on his book on Deep Learning and computer vision concepts that would bridge the gap between theory and practice using low-code end-to-end tools. He also aims to teach at the best research institutes for AI in the future.

The technology extent with deep-teach has new researches almost every day, to keep up with the pace of this fast-growing profession he believes in collaborative learning and emphasizes "networking" being a crucial element of education; meeting people and keenly listening to their work and study is essential in evolving along with the world.

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